How Do You Become a “Swellness Warrior?”

I have long been fascinated by our connection to the stars. As many of us have, I’ve wondered about the greater energy of the universe. Wondered what holds everything together. Wondered what it all means.

We may be closer to having some answers. As the world enters the next stages of technological and scientific revolution, what we are beginning to unravel about the universe is rapidly propelling us to the frontiers of the unknown. For me, it is very exciting to see the fusion of quantum physics, quantum biology, neuroscience, cosmology and parapsychology (among many other factors) — all of which are beginning to reveal that our bodies and minds are not just biochemical systems. In fact, this convergence of seemingly disparate fields of study may in fact be providing a physical-scientific basis for universal and collective consciousness.

All of this is further illuminated in “The Quantum Warrior,” a thought-provoking book by John Kehoe. According to John Kehoe:

“The next evolutionary leap on the planet is a leap in consciousness. It is happening now, very slowly, so slowly that many don’t even recognize it. This is going to change. As more individuals commit themselves to making the world a better place they resonate with an energy vibration that can shift the collective consciousness of the planet.”

To Kehoe, quantum warriorship is a path to becoming a fully integrated human being. It is a journey into the wonder of self and the universe. For anyone wanting to learn about the mysteries of life and the vastness of human potential, it’s a must read.


So for all of you, as you look to your own lives, think about how you can be not just a “quantum warrior,” (a term and concept I’ll likely revisit!) but also a “swellness warrior.” A warrior in making your life truly “swell” — however it is you define it for yourself.

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