Join Us We are happy to introduce the sponsors of Swellness. Sponsors help our "imagination engine" come to life - creating an ever-expanding collaborative community dedicated to imagining new possibilities for future human 'swell-being.'

Custom Level Sponsors

Weiner, Edrich, Brown, Inc

Weiner, Edrich, Brown, Inc. is a boutique management consulting firm, specializing in the fields of long-term trend analysis and strategic scanning. We continually track social, economic, political and technological trends, and serve client organizations by enhancing their capacity to look ahead and to respond profitably to transformations in the external environment. We help organizations anticipate these changes, and link information to action.

How do you achieve Swellness?
WEB achieves swellness by imagining new possibilities for future human ‘swell-being’ and reimagining what could be if ‘swell-being’ were truly understood for the first time, without the baggage of all that has come before.


We build brands. Alternatives is a creative agency dedicated to strengthening the impression of everything our clients do across all forms of brand, media and retail communication. We utilize the best available strategies, tools and technologies to develop and implement creative strategies and visual solutions for business, brand and product success.

How do you achieve Swellness?
For us, Swellness is about achieving balance in everything we do—physically, intellectually and emotionally. It helps us to solve problems, build businesses, create meaningful relationships and live happy and more productive lives.