Swellness Membership Information

Swellness Sponsor Play Packages (Custom, Platinum, Gold, Silver)

Based on sponsorship level, packages can include the following:
  • Founding Council & Membership Seats
  • Retreat Participation
  • Preferred Access to Retreat Reports, Idea Lists, & Videos
  • Curated Content by WEB
  • Swellness Blog Participation
  • Discussion Forum Participation
  • Branded Sponsorship to tSM Website

Swellness Member Play Package

  • Accelerated Access to Retreat Reports, Idea Lists, & Videos
  • Curated Content by WEB
  • Discussion Forum Participation

Groundswell - Public Play Package

  • Delayed Access to Retreat Reports, Idea Lists, & Videos
  • Discussion Forum Participation
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Profit From Participation
Levels Groundswell Members Silver Gold Platinum Custom
Annual Commitment Free $89 $5,000 $15,000 $25,000 Open
Design Your Own Retreat No No No No No Yes
Retreat Participant Invitations1 0 0 1 per year 2 per year 3 per year Custom
Founding Council2 0 0 0 1 2 Custom
Annual Memberships3 0 1 5 15 25 Custom
WEB Curated Content No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full Retreat Reports, Idea List & Video Access4 In 18 months In 12 months In 6 months In 3 months In 1 month Immediate
Blog Participation No No Quarterly Bi-monthly Monthly Custom
Discussion Forum Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Branded Sponsorship No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
1 Invitations are on a per-year basis, not a per-retreat basis. 2 Founding Council seats are for the term of the sponsorship (with the exception of custom sponsorships). 3 Annual memberships are granted the same access of that which falls under the designated sponsorship level 4 Access begins according to the designated months after publication of materials