What does a Swellness Movement retreat look like? What are the participants’ experiences like? Who are the people that attend? To help answer these questions, we invite you to experience a part of the journey with us by watching our testimonial and marketing clips.

More in-depth videos of each of the retreats are also available. These videos truly capture the essence of swellness—they share what is known, and imagine what can be. To access the content and imagination sessions from the retreats, please visit our membership/sponsorship page.

The Swellness Movement : What Is Swellness?

October 07, 2013

Swellness is embracing both cross-cultural and individual differences. It goes beyond “wellness” and works to understand and innovate in multiple areas, including integration of brain, mind, body and anything considered soul and/or spirit, elevation of joyful and nourishing experiences to a value proposition in all manner of interface and respect and dignity throughout one’s life—both in circumstances of sickness and in health.