Philadelphia Retreat

Philadelphia Is Around The Corner

Our next retreat is right around the corner. On March 22nd and 23rd (2013), close to two dozen people will be joining us in Philadelphia, PA for a highly-immersive retreat which will be centered on two main themes: smell and sleep. This retreat will not focus on disease or research into smell disorders. We, instead, are focusing on smell and smell research from a lifestyle perspective. For example:

  • What does the research tell us about how smell can improve people’s lives and experiences?
  • How does it interplay with the brain, psychology, experiences, memories, happiness, wellness…and ultimately “swellness?”
  • How does it factor into improving consumer products and services?
  • ​Is there new, relevant research on the differences between specific scents and their triggers?

We are eager to find out!

For the smell portion of the program, we are excited to visit the Monell Chemical Senses Center. Here, scientists from many disciplines collaborate to focus on understanding the mechanisms of smell and taste and define the broad significance of these chemical senses in human health and well-being.

For the sleep portion, we, again, will not focus on sleep disorders but rather the restorative and holistic aspects of it. We’ll be joined by Susan Burks, President of Sleep Studio LLC, which emphasizes the importance of dreams and the sleep cycle as an integral part of every day. Sleep and dreaming are fundamental, intimate and personal. Sleep Studio removes the barriers to deep, restorative sleep so that everyone can be free to dream.

Like all past retreats, participants will be taken on a journey of imagination. We’re coming in with our minds open…we hope you are too!

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