Happy Halloween!

Halloween is TODAY – talk about the epitome of Swellness!  All the wonderful memories as a kid.  I loved coming up with my costume every year.  And that feeling of transformation, out in the Halloween dark with my friends, when we truly assumed our new identities and roamed the neighborhood in disguise – sure no one recognized us.  Then there was coming home with the haul, sorting the candy by categories and trading for favorites with my sister and brother.

Candy Corn swellness

And these days, it’s swell to decorate a scary stoop for the kids and to offer treats I am proud of – big and respectable candies…worthy of the occasion. No fruit wrap or mini treats!

One of my favorites is candy corn – a quintessential Halloween treat. The classic: a delectable, triangular confection with a white tip, orange middle and yellow base. I also liked the variation with a chocolate base.  “THEY” went too far though with candy corn colored for other holidays – white, green and red Christmas corn somehow just doesn’t work me.

So have a happy haunted Halloween and remember – give something big and good! What’s YOUR favorite Halloween memory?  Got any butterfingers to trade?

PS – I was going to tell you about the nutritional benefits of candy corn but that might just detract from its total Swellness!

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