The Swellness Movement is an imagination engine. It is a collaborative community dedicated to imagining new possibilities. Grounded in science, and going beyond wellness, it inspires and shares provocative ideas to enhance all aspects of life.

What We Do

Sharing what is known. Imagining what can be.

The Swellness Movement is a collaborative community dedicated to imagining new possibilities for future “swell-being.” The movement is exclusively dedicated to reimagining what could be if “swell-being” were truly understood for the first time, without the baggage of all that has come before. The movement focuses on the living being and its relationship to all those things that keep it well but have been unknown, ignored, underestimated or not at all imagined until now. In that vein, the movement is in no way intended to fix the current systems of healthcare and health delivery, but imagine beyond those systems given what we currently know—and are continuing to learn—from scientific research.

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